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cross platform mobile app development company kerala

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Services

cros  platform mobile app development services kerala
Ui/Ux Design

We have our own unique way of UI/UX designing which makes the apps to run smoother and prevent app design issues.

ui/ux design mobile app developmeny services kerala
Cross Platform App Development

Our highly experienced team develops perfect apps for your business requirements which will in response open an extensive exposure for your business.

cross  platform app support service development company kerala
Cross Platform App Support

We make sure that our apps are able to run smoothly in all kinds of operating system and hardware as per the need and constant support will be provided.

cross platform app migration services kerala
Cross Platform App Migration

Our services also include migration of apps from cross platform to native platforms like Android, IoS etc.

about cross platform app development company kerala

Introduction to Cross Platform App

Cross Platform App are those apps which can run and function in any operating systems. These apps are becoming more popular among the app developers due to its various advantages. Companies can save a lot of time, money and effort with Cross Platform Apps rather than developing separate app for different versions. These kinds of apps are best used in order to reach the businesses to a wider audience as such apps are developed to work in all environments. Around one-third of the app developers makes cross platform apps according to the survey of Statista.One of the main benefit of cross platform app is that the codes can be reused for every platform.

Planning To Launch Your First

Cross Platform App


Key Technology Expertise

We implement latest technologies for cross platform app development which can connect all the types of apps together with a single code. A highly technically skilled team of ours rightly selects the type of technology that should be employed in order to deliver exemplary apps.

react native app development company kerala
React Native

React Native’s well responsive UI and its fluidity make it a high performance tool and we take certain contribution from it.

xamarin mobile app development company kerala

We use Xamarin for its automatic test, debugging, capability and design support.

ionic app development company kerala

Its opulent library makes it an unavoidable platform for app development for us.

technologies cross  platform app developmeny company kerala
flutter app development company kerala

Flutter is a Software development kit and its reactive development architecture makes it more of a complete app development package for us.

unity 3d app development company kerala
Unity 3D

This one is a boon for all developers due to its wide applications from development of game to engineering apps.

hybrid app development company kerala
Hybrid App

With the inclusion of all these platforms we are able to develop best hybrid apps for multiple OS.


Build Native, Cross-Platform Apps

Since cross platform apps is meant to run in all OS, it should be made with diligence otherwise it creates more trouble than benefits and we overcomes this by our cognizant team who have a deep knowledge about the functioning of apps. Both the type of apps has their own capabilities and we clearly scrutinize the inputs and requirements of our clients and arrive at an optimum conclusion regarding the selection of the suitable app. Cross Platform Apps are more suitable for businesses which want to deliver their products and marketing in a short period. We develops such apps with minimal but well proficient team in a rapid time. Our apps are made keeping the wide reach it should get in mind while also giving it a native touch and feel to the users. Our apps are provided with faster and easier updates as it is automatic so users don’t need to download updates. Contact us for developing Cross Platform Application to wider your audience and make profit.Webzapp technologies is a Cross Platform Application Development Company in Kochi, Kerala India which are prominent in developing exclusive Cross Platform Apps for prestigious clients.


PhoneGap Build

We Develop Phonegap for the muti platform app development for its multi functions and support for the apps. Phonegap is a open source framework based on HTML5 and CSS3 but also supports Javascript hence it is more flexible to develop Cross Platform Applications. We want our clients to experience a seamless functioning of the apps in all their devices hence we use Phonegap as it supports Android, IoS, Windows, Blackberry, webOS etc. These are easier to create and deploy to native app stores, we recommend our clients to build their Cross-Platform Apps with Phonegap.where the clients could enjoy these benefits.

phonegap build cross platform app development company kerala
feature cross platform app development company kerala
wearable app development company kerala
multi platform development

Wearable Apps

We develop user specific applications for wearable devices for our clients. Wearable devices market has been growing in the last few years and it has emerged as a multi billion dollar business. These devices can be used for many applications such as to monitor personal health indicators, heart rate during exercise, body motion and other activities. These apps are developed by us in such a way that there is a human-machine interaction throughout so that the apps improves itself and delivers the best results for our users.

Why Webzapp Technologies For Cross Platform App

Cross Platform App has become an alternative for native apps and it is a great lose if its left unexplored. Webzapp technologies use latest tools and technologies to develop an user friendly Cross Platform App for our customers. We deliver fast and high quality apps for an approachable price than others in Kochi, Kerala. Get connect with Webzapp technologies to develop some cool apps for your all versions of OS.Our company provides a rapid response time to service requests, responding to all customer feedback self-service help documents, and a frictionless process for getting in touch with support.

whywebzapp cross platform app development company kerala

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions
Since Webzapp technologies only assign our in-house staff to work with your remote staff, we can offer you resumes for selection within 48 hrs and assign them within one week of signing the contract.
webzapp technologies development team uses React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, and Ionic for cross platform application development. Our team has excellent expertise, 16+ years of experience, and 2500+ happy and satisfied clients that makes us the best hybrid mobile development or cross platform development company.
We anticipate the output of the technology choice and provide advice on how to achieve your goal with minimum investments. We give you flexibility while choosing the best-suited engagement model at the time of project onboarding. You can choose a variety of hiring models i.e. Fixed Price Model or dedicated mobile app team.
There are a number of phases in the application development cycle. We have to go through multiple processes like planning, designing, developing, testing, feedback, modifications, and then the deployment. The complexity of the application has also a major role in the development cycle. So, to know the estimated time you can share your requirements and budget for your project.
Our cross-platform mobile development team offers customers extended app protection plans. We also fully support any application that we develop, and we are always available if you find a problem or require new improvements to your mobile application.