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As a Native Mobile App Development Company In Kerala, We are equipped to develop the most advanced and flawless high-performance native app for your brand.

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Here we ensure the transparency of the app development from the very beginning to the end product submission. The team will communicate with the client at every stage and review the prototypes.

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Seamless UI Transition

The client can expect and receive stunning visuals and experience with our Native app development.

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Source Control

The development team has a solid way to control changes and version code in the codebases. It helps to ensure that developers are operating on the right version of source code.

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Native Application Development In India

We are a trustworthy Native app development company in Kerala, Kochi. Webzapp Technologies is the classic place to build your native app that will perfectly merge with your purposes and enhance your brand power. The Native app is an excellent choice for app development and it's all about building a mobile application solely for a single platform. That is, it's possible to develop the native, Android apps with Kotlin or Java and prefer Swift and Objective-C for iOS apps. Native apps are renowned for the high performance and for delivering an outstanding user experience. The crafted visuals by platform UX is also the reason behind greater user experience. If you’re consulting for astonishing visuals and experience, a better selection is always blended with native app development. The greater advantage is that the developers have an entree to UI/UX components when developing in a native environment. Trying cross-platform will greatly limit the UI/UX element of the app but the native app always got lower defect rates and better visuals. These types of apps inherit their devices’ OS interfaces, making them look and feel like an integrated part of the device. The favorable benefit of a native mobile app is the excellent user experience and it adheres to the norms that eventually enhance and adjust the user experience with any specific operating system. The progress of the app is likewise natural as it has particular UI criteria for the specific platform. Furthermore, the craft of native application helps you to get the desired app for your purpose. At Webzapp Technologies, we’ve done our good share of native app development utilizing Swift/Objective-C or Java/Kotlin.

Benifits of Native App Development

The native mobile app development includes creating apps for any specific mobile operating system, and consequently accessing them from particular app stores (the App Store or Google Play). Easier publishing and getting a higher ranking on the app store is quite usual for native apps as it provides greater performance and acceleration. The app is designed and optimized for particular platforms according to the need. Therefore the app exhibits a remarkably high level of performance. Henceforth the app is notably much more efficient. The straight synergy between the code and the underlying resources influences high performance. The glorious appearance is another merit, that is native apps usually have a better UX. Furthermore native apps are more secure than any other apps because web apps depend on diverse browsers and technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Generating a native mobile app is an excellent way to secure strong data protection.

Android Native App Development

IOS Native App Development

We built interactive and high-performance native iOS apps using Objective-C or Swift. The iOS operating system has closed source code, designed solely for Apple’s hardware, hence we use Mac devices to develop native mobile apps for the iOS platform. Apple has several unique tools and resources for iOS development, here we use: iOS SDK , XCode, Swift Playgrounds and TestFlight More than these we utilize an exceptional and safe third-party ecosystem including popular developer tools such as AppCode and CodeRunner. It is well known that App Store’s review guidelines are pretty strict. They may reject the iOS app for diverse reasons from inadequate performance to security problems to the lack of valuable content. So we carefully and professionally built the iOS native app and made it compatible with the App Store.

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API Integration

API integration is an association among two or more apps, by the APIs, that allows those systems to interchange data within each other. Once they are integrated, the data flows among the apps and is readily available for further research. The method of Native API integration is comparatively affordable. API integrations processes during several high-performing industries that hold data in sync, improve productivity and earn revenue. The API integration helps to ensure that the entire team gets the depth of the integrations and the organization offers support services that can assist facilitate further adoption. This method is highly helpful for the team to decide on the best integrations to leverage to supporting the colleagues in fulfilling any task.


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