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Our IOT Application Development Services

Provides cutting-edge services for you to upgrade your business using the most sophisticated technologies.

iot application development services kerala

IOT Application Development

IoT or the M2M (Machine-to-Machine) app development is a system where devices exchange data without human involvement. They can be the systems of different sectors such as transport, medicine, production, retail smart cities or smart houses, agriculture, etc.

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Voice Enabled Technology Solutions

Voice-enabled technology solutions are programs on digital devices which listen and elucidate to verbal commands. This system can regulate various conformities while reducing the need for complicated controllers or many devices.

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Application Development for IOT Devices

IoT system is a cloud-based application on the web or mobile, that’s how the system maintains and controls all the connected IoT devices. It also gathers information from sensors and displays it to users.

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IOT Gateway Development Support

IoT gateway connects IoT devices, equipment systems, sensors, and the cloud. That is the connected IoT gateway passes the information from an IoT device to the cloud or vice versa with never-failing security.

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IOT Implementation & Support

The implementation services begin with RFID hardware and equipping the site for installation. The complex multiple connected systems of IoT and its cloud management require specialized knowledge even after the installation. For that, we offer specialist and accurate project management and support.

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Connectivity with wearable devices

Wearable devices attach people to the IoT by firsthand contact with the body, smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart glasses, and VR - headsets.

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Top Rated Internet of Things (IOT) Application Development Company in India

IOT or Internet of Thinking is the technology that has the potential to change the lifestyle of people by influencing their habits of living in the homes, driving, work-life, and recreation or entertainment. IoT in mobile app development is focused on customer's very day situations and concentrated on simplifying their primary requirements with it. It simplifies the effort we put into every action that human beings take in various sectors such as automobiles, healthcare, agriculture, etc. As a mystifying technology, IoT demands specific skills and it requires a stable IoT developer. Webzapp technologies provide the best IoT application development services in Kerala and we combine coding skills, innovation, and creativity to deliver the most unique results. Furthermore, you need our cyber-security expert as IoT is hard to make secure and the IoT developers of the team are specialists in securing the system from every vulnerability. The team will assist you to accomplish professionalism and satisfaction in the product of the Internet of Things (IOT) application produced here. IoT development consultancy, IoT application development, backend, and API development, IoT device application development, IoT gateway development, IoT implementation & maintenance are our elite services.With us, a notable IoT application development company, you can secure connections between items that were not connected previously, we offer the installation of advanced remote internet controls, that allow you to produce an extra course of functionality to the things you already own.


App Development for Wearables

Wearable devices are the devices that connect people to the IOT by firsthand contact with the body. The IoTs are now an active part of all of our stories. Fitness trackers, remote monitoring systems, smartwatches, GPS trackers, music systems, panic buttons or alarm systems, and so on are some connected devices that have made incalculable elements of IoT that made life simpler. Conceivably, the number of enterprises utilizing IoT Applications to drive productivity up and the bottom line down has increased customer enactment. Whether it is a smartwatch or mp3, our team takes all significant ways to build and design such an application that delivers user experience to uniquely new colors. Our way of designing wearable applications is primarily focused to improve the standard of living while making double sure it works flawlessly.

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Equipment Tracking Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions
Developing an IoT application can be complicated and daunting at the same time. However, we advise you to hire remote IoT app developers from India to ensure better results that offer premium IoT solutions for your business needs.
At ValueCoders, we offer a myriad of Internet of Things solutions & services. This includes: - Internet of Things (IoT) Consultancy - Internet of Things app development - IoT-wearable connectivity development - IoT testing and maintenance
Many factors are responsible for total development time. It depends upon several factors like project designing, app complexity, required functionality, number of pages, total number of revisions, and many more things. If we talk about designing, it takes around 1 to 4 weeks to complete. Then, at least 1-6 weeks are required for our Internet of Things app developers to complete the programming. But, to make the process faster, we use Agile methodology that helps us to deploy your project before the deadline.
The IoT software development cost depends on the features and functionalities you wish to introduce in your application. We recommend you to discuss your app idea with our Internet of Things app developers to get a cost estimate.
You should invest in the Internet of Things app development as it offers ample features and benefits, such as:- - Real-time Data Access - Better Communication - Higher Efficiency - Remote Monitoring - Risk Reduction - Enhanced Productivity