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Webzapp Technologies provides the finest and flawless Online Reputation Management Service In Kerala. By doing great acts on ORM services, we assist to maintain a decent brand reputation as an integral part of digital promotion. Our ORM package, Kochi renders, helps in creating brand productivity and better connection with potential clients. Thereby creating a fruitful online reputation for your business. The business contents that are uploaded to the internet will be there forever so that the special situation requires a trustworthy analyzing tool to verify everything. Webzapp Technologies ORM service skillfully examines the current circumstances of the brands and secures such online assets. Subsequently, we react to the critical action queries and evaluate future risks. Later, command preventative operations for a high-grade reputation using a constant protection policy. This is a steady process of repairing all negative impacts on the product, building brand reputation, and ultimately making a good influence on potential customers. Here we use more prominent CRM tools to assist the smart relationship management and provide an update on daily tasks.

Benefits of Availing Online Reputation Management Services

Credibility, trustworthiness, improves business growth, visibility, wide exposure, customer feedback, good customer experience etc.

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Higher Trust

Building trust and reliability with customers is more crucial than anything in business. We understand the needs and then act accordingly to provide a positive result that would strengthen the trust with your customers and improves customer satisfaction.

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More Profitable

A well organized online reputation management has the capability to increase business of your company. When more customers get satisfied, reachability of your company increases which ultimately increases your business and thus leads to higher profit.

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Through reviews we get to know the reachability of our business as well as customer satisfactions. The aim here is to highlight the positive reviews by suppressing the negative in online platforms.

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Quality Content

High quality content is required to attract customers during internet surfing. We work with your company to provide a good content which highlights the positives in order to attract customers in your products and services.

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Better Ranking On SERP

Negative comments or reviews will drastically affect the ranking of website in search engine. Creating positive perception by contents, reviews etc. and suppressing the negatives will provide a better ranking on SERP.

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Company Reputation

The goal of ORM is to improve the reputation of a company. Online reputation is more important in this century as people turn out to internet to get more knowledge about your company to initiate any business.

Reputation Management


In this era, digital visibility is vital for running any business. ORM functions to keep your company’s profile at the top in online platform. This will help to enhance business thus accounting for more profit. ORM is vital as people get influenced by comments, reviews in other websites or social media platforms. It will help to connect with people and maintain a consistent touch with people’s view on your company by reacting to their concerns. Business is getting competent day by day and it is necessary to attract new customers. Customers prefer for a product depending upon internet search results. As anyone can spread negative information about your company to damage your company’s reputation, it is important to eradicate the negative, fake contents. ORM improves the search engine optimization of your company’s website or positive sites.

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Online Reputation Management Strategy

Our Popular Packages

Our Small Business ORM Packages Starts:
Get Free Analysis
Initial Review & Analysis
  • In-depth Site Analysis
  • Kryword Analysis
  • Keyword Ranking Check
Social Media Sharing (per month)
  • Facebook Account Setup
  • Twitter Account Setup
  • Pinterest Account Creation
  • Facebook Cover Image
  • Twitter Updates
  • Pin Images
Monthly Reporting
  • ORM Report
Customer Support
  • Email/Chat/Online
  • Project Management Tool
For upto 20 Keywords
Rupee 10,500 /mo
For upto 30 Keywords
Rupee 20,500 /mo
For upto 40 Keywords
Rupee 25,500 /mo
For upto 50 Keywords
Rupee 35,500 /mo

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions
What is Online Reputation Marketing? Online reputation marketing refers to the strategy and tactics related to presenting your brand in the best possible light at all times.
Improve brand visibility: ORM helps you in improving the feedback about your brand and create brand visibility. Improve Sales: People are more attracted to the company who has more positive reviews as it helps to increase your company's sale with positive reviews.
n order to protect your brand and to develop its value it is really important to be have correct online reputation of it.
However, the main purpose of an ORM strategy is more than that: it is to make sure that your online reputation is used to drive better business for your company.